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Updated: Dec 2, 2021


1. Take Pose Pictures! Always wear the SAME outfit with the SAME angle in the SAME lighting for best results! (See photos at bottom)

2. Fill out the Progress Report Form to create Long Term Goal and a Goal for Week One. It is your responsibility to remember what goals you create. A submitted copy of the form will be sent to your email just in case you forget. Send pose pictures in your progress report. You will send your pose pictures attached with your progress report every 4 weeks. Every week, you will fill out a progress report. Progress reports are due Monday 10am PST.

3. Introduce yourself in your accountability group! You can see your group in the GROUP tab. • Every time you workout, send a photo in that group! This is how I track your workouts. & it’s great for you to be responsible actually getting them done. These are your people! The more you put into your group, the more you will get out of it. Feel free to ask questions and share recipes or tips that work for you.

4. Understand Progressive Overload Training, How to Track Your Workouts, & How Total Summer Body Works!

5. Download MyFitnessPal if you are tracking calories and macros. (You will get your numbers sent to you shortly if this is part of your plan)

6. Read the Nutrition Guide if you are on Platinum!


7. Download an app to track your running like RunKeeper if you are running outside.

8. Read the following documents


Relapse Help

List of Stuff You Might Need

9. Program Tutorials

What are Reps & Sets? How do I Find my Working Set? What are the Percentages on My Routine? Muscle Group Warm Ups

Tap Pictures to View Close Up

Pose Pictures Female

Pose Pictures Male

Sending Pose Pics (send your pose pictures through the app if you’re having trouble attaching them to your progress report)

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