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ActiveX Control.NET ComponentDynamic Link LibraryIt has been developed and tested with the following Windows OSs:Windows 2000Windows XPWindows VistaWindows 7Windows 8Virtual Serial Port Control Description:ActiveX Control.NET ComponentDynamic Link LibraryWhat’s new in version 1.01 :Version 1.01 includes some minor changes to existing functions:Added VSPC sample for the client VSPC software installation.Added VSPC sample to the configuration manager for the client VSPC software installation.Fixed a bug in the command “Send”, when the port has already been opened, the “Send” command would not cause the handshake to be performed.Reduced the sample rate for the RTS/DTR commands, usually the rate of the sample rate should be set to the same of the Baudrate (default rate).Other:AdditionalWith the appearance of a new version, the version number of the product is also updated, so as to create compatibility with the new version.Technical informationVersion 1.01 is the first update to version 1.00, released December, 2008. The main points of the update are:Change the protocol used for the serial port communication. The new communication protocol is more flexible and does not require the use of specific command or handshake sequences, as it can be configured through the interface. This feature is especially useful when using the VSPC on a single host system or through a network configuration.Added a sample for VSPC software installation in the “Controls” category. This sample has been added to support for the VSPC software installation on the target system.Changed the procedure for the establishment of a specific communication channel between the client software and the VSPC control library, which now uses the documented properties of the port as the basis for the establishment of the communication channel. The installation of the.NET component now makes easier the use of the VSPC library, and furthermore, this also provides better compatibility with older client software versions.Added a new control: “Send”, which can use an ASCII table to get the characters or make the handshake by simply connecting the RTS or DTR pins.Added a sample to the configuration manager for the installation 08929e5ed8

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