Total Summer Body has given me the motivation I need to really progress towards my goals. I was in a real slump after having my baby and I finally feel like I've been propelled forward to succeed! 4 months postpartum and I feel much more healthy. I love the gym for the first time in my life. I don't feel like a fool walking in there anymore. I feel excited. No joke, I used to drive to the gym and sit in the parking lot for a while so when my husband would check my location, it would look like I was working out!! But now I can walk in with confidence and excitement!! It also has allowed me to receive the best accountability and support from the organization to get my butt in gear! I understand a more about the importance of a calorie deficit and macros! I'm not perfect at them, but I feel knowledgeable and know if I keep it up, I'll reach ALL my goals!

Season 3 Member Anonymous


The motivational texts really kept me accountable. Also my trainer would switch things up to help me personally. She was very enthusiastic and never acted annoyed or bothered when I asked questions. She went above and beyond to inform and educate me on foods and health.



I have loved both sessions of TBS! I joined the program knowing I needed to make a changed in my diet and exercise and this was the key! I have loved the confidence I have gained during this program! I no longer feel like I need to hide in photos because I have learned that I do this because I love my body! Sydney has been amazing and I can’t wait to keep working with her!



This was the perfect program for my husband and I to learn how to make healthy living apart of our relationship and our life! I have always been self-conscious about health and fitness because I felt like I was too heavy or ate too much to ever talk about food or calories or workout plans....but this program REALLY pushed Brock and I to talk about things and to create plans together on how to reach our goals. I started this program thinking I would lose weight or get skinny- but I am leaving it with so much more! I get to leave with knowledge on how to cook healthy and balanced meals for my family. I leave with a better relationship with my favorite person in the world. I am leaving with a better connection to my body and I could not be more grateful! I LOVE TOTAL SUMMER BODY!!!



These past few months have seriously changed my physical and mental health! I feel like I have proper range of motion in my joints again and tasks that used to be daunting on my body to do, I breeze through them effortlessly! I'm below 200 pounds again!! Total Summer Body made me aware of macros and the foods I consume. I used to eat fast food 2-3 times a day! I can't imagine doing that now! Oddly enough I really crave good food now! It's been awesome to see the progress I've made!



TSB has helped me so much in becoming a better version of myself let alone being aware of what I’m eating! I have lost weight and size in the areas that have made me most self conscious. I joined TSB because of my sister and following the Instagram page. Seeing the results that everyone had made me want to do something more about myself instead of complaining how fat I've been. Complaining that I'm not happy with myself and doing nothing about it. Within the first week, I not only dropped weight but also a little bit of body fat. I'm so excited to continue losing weight and to put on more muscle and to be able to look in the mirror and be proud of what I've accomplished! I am looking forward to continuing on to the next season and still working towards my goals.



TSB has completely changed my life!! The workout plan I received was tailored to ME and what I had access to at my gym! It was so nice to walk into the gym and know exactly what I would be doing for that day. The progressive nature of the program allowed me to hit PRs almost every other week and feel totally confident in trying new machines and exercises. I also have learned SO MUCH about nutrition, health, cutting, body recomposition, and so much more!! Sydney and her team are always there for you and help motivate you on the days you feel a little out of it. I could not recommend TSB enough! Thank you, Sydney, for being my coach and genuinely caring about me and my health goals. Definitely doing TSB again and will continue all the amazing things I have learned for the rest of my life!



The program was perfect! Sydney was able to incorporate weights, cardio, and Pilates since I have a membership to a local studio! I used to be really nervous about going to the gym and HATED going by myself. I was so self concious always thinking people were thinking "what is she doing here? She doesn't even know what she's doing!" I am so much more confident and I love going to the gym now thanks to Sydney!One of my goals was to live a healthier/more active lifestyle! Sydney has helped me in achieving that goal. For the most part, I meal prep and make healthy meals during the week and I go to the gym consistently! Prior to this program, I didn't eat very healthy and I ate out more than I would like to admit! Thanks to Sydney, she has really shown me that the importance of eating protein/eating healthy and that it's still okay to eat pizza/chick-fil-a every once in a while! Last but not least, like I said before, Sydney is such an awesome/inspiring person. Even if I'm having a rough week, she is so encouraging and positive. She has this light about her and it automatically makes you feel better if you're feeling down!



I really enjoyed this program. The workout that was created for me has definitely helped me and the daily check ins after my workouts helped keep me on track and motivated. Definitely gonna do it again. It has been a long time since I’ve had results like this from the gym.



Total summer body was great at helping me learn how to make a life long change! It wasn’t just about getting to your goal. It was about changing your lifestyle! Sydney did a great job as a coach but also she was a friend! She was always positive and encouraging!



I've known Sydney for a while. I can say that she has the perfect qualities to help anyone with their fitness goals. Her bubbly personality is infectious and she genuinely cares about her clients, it's evident anytime you ask her about her work. If you've been hesitant, I can assure you, having Sydney as a fitness coach is an opportunity you don't want to pass up.



I have learned to be more aware of food and how it helps and hurts the body. I have learned that exercise makes me feel better when I am consistent. I have learned to appreciate water. The program helped me begin to understand what I can do-fitness wise. This program has helped me gain confidence in the gym and that I care less about what people are thinking.



I realized that I can work out when prior to this I haven't for over 4 years. I learned that I can actually do this. I can do 15 pushups now in the start I could only do 1. I can do cardio without dying, I somewhat know how to lift now when prior I knew nothing about it. I never would have done that on my own. I have a lot to work on. Sydney has a great positivity and love for me. I am blessed to know her and am grateful for the support from her and the entire team.



The best part of this program is that it encourages people to have a positive body image no matter where they are at. It really helped me to improve my confidence. And I hadn’t really realized before why making a lifestyle change instead of a short-term diet change would help someone maintain their goals and keep progressing toward health through their life, so I think that was very educational for me.



This is an amazing program. It has helped me to keep going no matter what. To not beat myself up if i have a bad day. To love myself and my body no matter what. To keep pushing forward. The daily workout programs are not overwhelming and so doable every day. I feel stronger and healthier. I have got to the point where working out is something i want to do and not something i have to do.



Every season just gets better and better! First just Sydney and now a whole team dedicated to help me! Thanks to them I'm so close to completing my goals and I know they will help me get there, cheering for me along the way.